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Hey tiddley AD…. HD

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Well now… here’s a thing. I went back to see the ‘diet doctor’ for the first time since I came down with pneumonia in June and took the wife along for moral support and so she could get a clearer picture of where he and I were coming from. I’ve been getting pretty flaky memory wise for months if not years so also I needed her there to be able to give me a cleaner picture of what was decided 🙂

Over the course of 45 mins we covered a lot of issues… all of which were useful. We worked out the best way for me to maintain the diet and tried to create a structure for me to work within that would help me attain, retain and maintain an acceptable weight.

Chunky kiddies

In the middle of this discussion he cropped a bit of a bombshell. I was laughingly telling him my GP was suggesting I might be bipolar. He said well… he’s not convinced about me being bipolar… but he can see a possibility I might be ADHD! He countered this by telling us he’s never been 100% convinced of this as a diagnosis for anyone… however… of all the people he’s ever met I fit the diagnostic mould more closely than anyone he’s ever met.

Now over the years I’ve been diagnosed with a multitude of ailments… some real… some not… most of which I’ve ignored and just moved on with life… but this is the first time anyone has suggested ADHD… let alone been so emphatic about it.

As it happens this isn’t such a bizarre idea my eldest daughter, lovely as she is, has been saying for years she, her two kids… and by extension me… have an ongoing problem that is as close to being ADHD as can be. I’ve always known my mind didn’t work the same way other people seems to… but it never really concerned me and I just
accepted she, they and I were ‘special’ 😀

Now I have no knowledge about ADHD at all… let alone how it affects adults… but maybe I need to look it up. before I get to the docs next week.

Nerve cell

Of course I’m *also* wondering now if this is also related to my normal diet. Over time I’ve been getting more and more convinced that there is *something* in my diet that adversely affects the way my mind and body work. While I’m on this restricted diet… which after all consists mainly of meal replacement drinks… my mind seems relatively clear and focused. While I’m *off* the diet… I’m depressed, I binge on food, and have disturbed sleep.

Question is what is causing the problem and how do I find out. If it’s ‘just’ gluten… or similar… we can isolate it and leave it out of my food. But what if it’s a chemical of some sort? Maybe an ‘additive’ to meat… or something? What then? I can;t stay on these meal replacements for ever… or maybe I’ll just have to eat ‘organic’ food? Currently no idea. Will cross that bridge ‘if and when’.

In the meantime… I’ll just get on with trying to get some fat off… again 😀


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October 31, 2006 at 7:38 pm

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The Omen

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Odd how prescient that film was… It has a US Diplomat raising the son of satan… and here we are with Dubya running the world… strange really how life imitates art. It’s almost enough to make me a true believer.

I’d thought this was a novel thought… but it looks like it’s nothing new… which makes it all the scarier!

Bush Omen

If *anything* could be scarier than have Satan Dubya in the White House…

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October 31, 2006 at 6:59 pm

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Halloween again

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Kids were out tonight. The little one in a Halloween Party at Guides, the elder one walking the streets with a friend knocking on doors annoying people demanding candy… and getting it!!
Me? I had a book… and a car… so did a bit of kerb-crawling for two hours . How I wasn’t arrested for trawling along behind two little girls I don’t know… bloody police are useless. Anyway, they seemed to grab a big enough haul of loot before their legs got tired and came home very happy. 😀

Halloween isn’t exactly an Australia event… mostly USA derived… but so long as we don’t go the whole hog like they do this’ll do. Over here there is no trick in ‘trick or treat’. Kids just knock on doors for candy and are polite even if they are turned away. In the USA the ‘offending’ householders would find their homes pelted with raw eggs and have toilet paper thrown over their roofs and trees.

It’s much more civilised here 😀

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October 31, 2006 at 4:25 am

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It's 'that' time of year.

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Yup, as regular as clockwork, in late October in Sydney… well in fact lots of New South Wales… the whole area turns purple. It’s around this time of year that the Jacaranda blooms.

It’s a native of South America but you’d never know it by the numbers of trees that suddenly explode into full flower from what would appear to be nothing. The Jacaranda bloom is a sure sign that spring has arrived.

Jacaranda in Bloom

If anyone ever asked me which were the most beautiful trees in the world I think it would be a close race between a fully grown Magnolia and a Jacaranda… but I think the Jacaranda has to win. Until you’ve seen street after street turn purple you’ve not lived.

And best of all… as good as they look in the photos… in real life they are 1000% better.

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October 31, 2006 at 4:08 am

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It's all made out of ticky-tacky

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Not sure with this whether to be offended or not. The yanks are making big money out of Steve Irwins death. Following on from South Park’s use of the image of Steve complete with stingray in a recent episode, a costume has been created just in time to worn by kids at Halloween.

Steve Irwin Halloween Costume

I think on balance I’d let it ride. Steve might well have had a good giggle at it himself… but maybe Terri, Bindi and Bob would be less amused?

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October 30, 2006 at 6:03 pm

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Being gay is a taxing time.

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Despite being legally married overseas, the ATO has deemed it illegal for two gay men to submit a joint tax return as other married couples do. This is quite simply because same sex marriages are not lawful in Australia.

The oddness of this decision tho is highlighted by the couple having been able to submit a joint return in previous years. Why? Because until this year the sex of the spouse wasn’t asked! From this year however it *is* and so any joint same sex returns will be rejected.

This will bring into sharp relief Little Johnhie’s pledge to remove legal discrimination against gays in.

Maybe the test case for his new even handed policies will come sooner than he’d like as the couple are set to refuse to submit a return until the law allows them to submit a joint return.

Knowing how the ATO works, it could well be 5 years before they take action against these two… so don’t hold your breath waiting for immediate action.

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October 30, 2006 at 12:26 am

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More on dentistry

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The wife booked the dentist… yippee… I think. Unfortunately it’s on the weekend or she’ll have to take a day off work… and Ray isn’t there on weekends… well who can blame him really? So, upshot is I can’t see the guy I know.

Serves me right for nagging I suppose 🙂 I wonder what this new person is like… I hope they don’t mind screaming? Me that is… not them.

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October 30, 2006 at 12:07 am

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