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Adelaide Ashes Test

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Currently at lunch… with England batting… it’s 2 for 58.

I wonder if they’ll be all out before tea??

No? 3 for 266 isn’t bad though… maybe they’ll get smashed tomorrow… or maybe not. Good game either way πŸ™‚

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November 30, 2006 at 8:32 pm

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Iffy sniffy… what a whiffy!

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Phew. No idea what the smell is… or where it’s coming from… but suddenly the house *stinks*. It occurs to me it might be a dead rat or similar in the attic and the air conditioner is picking it up from somewhere… but this seems unlikely since the majority of the air is picked up from the passage between the bedrooms at the end of the house.

The other option… unfortunately… is that the water in the ‘trap’ under the toilet floor has evaporated *again* and is allowing sewer gas into the house. This happens from time to time… bloody builders (don’t get me started… grrr)… and requires a bucket of water with Domestos in there to sort it out.

I hope it *is* just the U-bend… of all things I *don’t* want to do right now, rooting around in a cramped attic searching for a rotting dead animal is probably pretty high on the list… with ‘high’ being perhaps the operative word! Ewww…..


Well I think I established where the smell was coming from fairly quickly and of course dealt with it. You might ask what it was that allowed me to establish the source so quickly… some 2 minutes after the above post?

Well to be honest… I knew the wife had mentioned a strange smell in the bedroom (on my side of course) so started in there… partly as well because that’s where the manhole to the attic is sited so I could stand on a ladder and poke my head thru the hole for a quick sniff.

However… when I wandered into the room it became fairly clear where the problem lay. The bed was on fire πŸ˜€

Somehow, the electric blanket had been switched on to the high setting, and had become scrunched up during the night. For whatever reason… it had decided it was too much for it to cope with and combusted. Luckily, despite having burned though itself, and two duvets and had made a creditable start on the mattress, it didn’t show any flame until I pulled the duvets off so bearing in mind I had a jug of water in my hand
ready to pour down the ‘trap’ it was quickly dealt with.

So… in the middle of everything.. I now have to get out and buy two new duvets, and of course a new mattress which has suddenly developed a large black hole in its centre.

Oop… damn lucky it didn’t do this during the night. Apart from the smoke and flame… whoever was lying on it… i.e. me… would have got a *very* serious shock… and not just from seeing the bed on fire.

I wonder why the smoke alarms didn’t go off? Time for some new ones methinks!!

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November 30, 2006 at 8:08 pm

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RNDIS?? Wassat?? Where's my i_Mate JasJam driver?

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The PDA ia a wonderful little beast… I think. It connects to the internet with few problems, save of course that some sites are unreadable because they require ‘i-frames’ in order to be viewed properly. Still, all in all not bad.

The only itsy bitsy issue is that I can;t get the damn thing to synch with the PC! I tried connecting the machine via the USB and I got a ‘Generic RNDIS found’ message… which usually means it’s about to install something. This time it couldn’t. There is *nothing* on the supplied disc in the way of drivers etc. so I was stuck.

I used Live SupportΓ‚ on the i-mate site… and that was totally useless. The guy closed the connection before I’d even finished my last question!

I tried updating the ActiveSynch software… and *that* wouldn’t install as it tried to address ‘Drive N’. So far… mixed feelings. The machine sort of does what it’s supposed to but if I can’t make a copy on one of the PC’s I could lose data at any time… and it’s a pain to get data (like pictures) off the machine back to the PC as well.

Right now I’m reserving judgement. Once I get the synch stuff working it might be a different story but until then… hmmm… !!

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November 30, 2006 at 7:03 pm

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Yes… Labor spill ahead!!

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Current Labor leader Kim Beastley has called fo a leadership ballot next week… and just at the right time. If it had waited til after Xmas it would be too close to the election. This will give a new team the chance to bed in well before they have to front up to the electorate.

Kim Beazley, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd

I have no doubt Kim is a really nice guy honest, hardworking and all the rest… but so was Simon Crean and Mark Latham… however he just isn’t the right man for the job… and the country has told him that twice at elections already. The result of another try may well be yet more years of a right wing Liberal party hacking at workers rights and personal liberty.

The only problem I have with the spill is that the ‘dream team’ is being spouted as Rudd for leader with Gillard as deputy. Personally I’d prefer it the other way around… but this would give Julia exposure until she feels she has the numbers to mount her own challenge.

So… let’s go guys. Say thanks to Kim and goodbye… and welcome in the new team. Time to lobby your MP and make sure their caucas votes count in the right direction!!

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November 30, 2006 at 5:25 pm

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The Cookie Monster

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Kids had to go to another ‘dress rehearsal’ tonight. They looked pretty good and hardly anyone fell over… always a good sign. The first actual performance will be tomorrow night… starts 6:30… and it looks like it might actually be pretty good πŸ™‚

So… kids finish up and we come home.

When we get here… the little one reminds me she has her class party tomorrow and can she make some biscuits please? My immediate response was… aggghhh….it’s 8:45 already!!!! But then I calmed down a little, had a think and said “No! – too late… time for bed… I’ll do it”.

Did I want to make biscuits nope. I would’ve preferred to make some blueberry muffins… but I know *my* kids don’t like them so maybe their friends don’t. But luckily (for me) I remembered I’d bought two packets of gluten free ‘ready mixed and cooled’ packets of cookie dough to see if I was allergic to them, so dug them out of the fridge and, after a quick chop,… out came 30 reasonable looking biscuits. Highly toxic of course… filled with sugar and fats and who knows what preservatives but I figure it’s for a kids party so the more manic they get the better.

Anyway – whilst in general terms I’m not exactly in favour of these pre-packed monstrosities… they *do* have their place… and it’s not always in the waste bin! :D.

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November 30, 2006 at 4:46 am

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Get a Wiggle on!

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Sad to report the ‘Yellow Wiggle’ (Greg Page) has resigned from the group after learning his medical condition, orthostatic intolerance, is in fact chronic. He says he has come to terms with the situation and tho sad to leave feels it is best for him, his family, and the group.

Yellow Wiggle

Sad that. He was one of the founders that grew out of the original pop group… but I suppose the $45 million a year the group pulls in in royalties etc will help him get over the loss πŸ˜€

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November 29, 2006 at 11:12 pm

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Foot in mouth department.

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George Bush has done it again. Todays gaffe was the leaked release of an internal memo showing his administration was secretly admitting what most of us had known since day one… that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is simply not up to the job.The level of sectarian violence the country is experiencing demonstrates that Iraq is in practice already fighting a civil war but with the US forces sitting in the middle it is unlikely either side can gain sufficient advantage to gain control over the country. This is especially unfortunate bearing in mind the efforts the US has made to instil some sesnse of democracy in the country.

George Bush with Nourial-Maliki.jpg

The result of this latest debacle is to even *further* undermine the position of al-Maliki and may force his resignation. How can he continue to work with a force of occupation that considers him to be a liability?

Clearly the Bush administrations position on Iraq is now moving slowly towards a position where they will begin to accept a ‘strong man’ taking over control of the country… ostensibly in the short term… to allow them to create some sort of dignified withdrawal from this military quagmire. The obvious danger is that this ‘strong man’ will not be democratically elected… and simply develop into Saddam Mk II… which *then* begs the question why invade to begin with?

The country may not have been a haven of peace and calm by western standards… but the level of violence and carnage the country and population has suffered since the illegal invasion took place can’t possibly be seen to be an improvement on the previous situation.

This sorry situation which has resulted in the deaths of millions can be placed squarely at the door of the US.

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November 29, 2006 at 11:07 pm

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US Liberates 5 little Iraqi girls

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Responding to what they said was insurgent fire from a rooftop… US forces opened fire with tank shells into a house. Later investigation showed they’d killed… sorry… liberated… 5 little girls ranging in age from infant to teenager… they also killed one adult. The one female *not* killed refused to be treated by the soldiers. Can’t think why not 😦

Ahhh…. Iraq… land of the free. Thousands upon thousands of free…. ah well… who listens. 😦

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November 29, 2006 at 3:55 am

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What did you do today Dad?

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Started well… got ‘out there’ and mowed the front lawns. Did a reasonable job too. Then did lots of watering. Came in for a drink… damn hot out there… and sent an email or two. Then read one.

Seems I promised to go collect a sign for the Guide Group… and the address had just arrived. Off I go for a quick hours trip… but when I got back it was nearly midday and too hot to work in the garden. So I decided to work in the garage instead πŸ™‚

I originally intended clearing off the verandah so we’d not trip over stuff on the way into the house… and would have somewhere to site when the oldies arrive. When I opened the doors there was hardly a square inch of floor visible so it wasn’t a five minute job.

As it happens… within five minutes Of changed my modus operandi and began working with one hand whilst holding a can of cockroach spray in the other… geez there were a lot of the! Young ones, old ones, large small… all sorts. The spray I was using is a ‘barrier spray’ so the residual lasts for 6 months. With luck that’ll be the last of them for a while.

Well… might be. I’ve only ‘done’ one side… and whilst we can see the floor again… we can;t see enough of it to be able to park one of the cars in there… but I’m working on it!!

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November 29, 2006 at 3:32 am

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Nature, red in tooth and claw.

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Take a good look at this baby Indian Mynah… by the time you’re seeing it here, in real life it’ll probaby be dead.

Baby Bird

I think it has come from one of the nests we get in the attic in summer. This one is relatively fortunate in that it landed in the garden. Others, less ‘lucky’ have slipped down the small gap between the frames in the bay window. They slowly starve to death. It’s awful lsitening to the scrabbling getting weaker and weaker until it stops… but what can we do? Take the windows apart each time? I think not.

This one is currently sitting in the middle of the lawn desperately fluffing its feathers in an attempt to persuade its parents to fly down with food. The parents of course are also desperate to protect their offspring attacking anything and everything that walks onto the lawn. They’ve seen off the dogs… and chased off the kids… but there’s still one of our pets they’ve not had to deal with yet… the cat.

This cat has finished off whole pigeons at one sitting so I doubt a scrawny little yucker is going to slow it up… or fill it up… much… and if the parents get in the way they’ll end up as a feline supper too!

Could we help? Possibly… we *might* be able to capture it… if we didin’t kill it ourselves by trying first… but if we did, then its parents would abandon it and it’d starve anyway.

We could call WIRES… but Indin Mynahs are considered a pest… so they’d euthanase it anyway. All that’s left is to let nature take its course. Maybe it’ll live… probably it won’t… but that’s what nature and evolution is all about. Sad but true.

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November 29, 2006 at 2:47 am

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