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And yet another pathetic moment passes

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The 3000th US soldier has died in Iraq marking yet another milestone… or maybe millstone?… in the short period of the US assault on the country.

The march to democracy and justice ‘US style’ was given a lurch backwards with the death of Saddam after a mockery of a trial in which the first judge was removed for being ‘too lenient’ with him, and after the new president of the country promised the people Saddam would be dead before the end of the year.

The result has been more US soldiers being killed… and no doubt many more will follow as the US slips inexorably towards either anotehr Vietnam military debacle or international humiliation as it becomes more and more clear that the Bush has been completely unable to understand long term strategic planning and has caused the fragmentation of the country into a religious quagmire set on increasing the Shiite power base of Iran.

Of course it’s possible Bush *wants* to foment even more unrest in the area but I canlt see how this would aid US national interests other than assist lining the pockets of a arms manufacturers and oil magnates.

What Bush has done is become a prime example of how ‘absolute power’ can be misused when in the hands of a second rate intellect.

God help all of us.

Written by welshdog

December 31, 2006 at 4:12 pm

Posted in General Ramblings

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