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More on the Epipen and the near miss.

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As I said in one of the comments, one of my friends suggested I get an Epipen *now* because there may be no time to think if this happens again.

I rang the doctor first thing and went round straight away. After *again* thanking her for saving me, I explained what Sue had said and of course she agreed 100%.

She had a bit of a tussle with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Board (PBB) to get permission to prescribe it, but persuaded them it was better that I had it and not need it than *didn’t* have it and died. They allowed me *one* pen and said I had to have the level of risk assessed properly by an Allergy Cliic so I’m ringing up the local hospital to make an appointment.

So… at least pro-tem I’ve a little more protection and at least in the meantime I’m not in quite as much danger as I apparently was. 🙂

She also suggested from now on I go in for some risk reduction… for example when I do gardening wear gloves long trousers and a long sleeved shirt…. and Aeroguard (Deet) as well I assume.

Before I use this pen (though God forbid I ever do need to of course) I need to learn how it works or there is a *very* real danger of losing a thumb!! Seriously… adrenalin is a vasoconstrictor and as the needle just pops out of an end… so if you hold it the *wrong* way up and inject… up you could *easily* get gangrene in the thumb and lose a digit!!

Actually, the Epipen site has a video available to instruct you on its use so I’ll find it tonight and watch it.

Anyway… that’s that for now. Except that I think I’ve still got some delayed shock going on as I’m falling apart again… but I think I’ll survive. 🙂

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March 30, 2007 at 12:32 pm

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Ferry Disaster

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After the adventures of the past couple of days everything else seems a little passe now!

Things that wer important seem to have drifted to the back of my priority list but nothing has surfaced yet to take it’s place. I suppose he shock hasn’t worn off yet… I’m still not 100% recovered… so maybe I’ll get back to ‘normal’ soon.
Even so I have it better than some. The same night my attack happened, a ferry in Sydney Harbour ran over a small pleasure boat killing three and maiming a couple of others. A 14 year old girl is still missing, and by now sadly must be presumed dead.

Ferry Disaster Private Cruiser

The pleasure boat was loaded with kids who were ‘up and coming’ ice skaters and this has been a dreadful experience for all of them. One rescued his mother who fainted in the water when she realised her foot had been severed. Had he not noticed her and pulled her to safety she’d have drowned. He showed great presence of mind in those conditions.

I have nothing to complain over. I was ill.. got treated… now almost recovered. For these people it was much, much worse.

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March 30, 2007 at 10:08 am

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Anaphylaxis… me 'near death' experience.

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So there I was… really gung ho about clearing up the garden. Yesterdays task was to trim the Jasmine and get it under control so it stops attempting to strangle us as we pass it. I was merrily chopping away at it with a pair of shears… when I got stung by a paper wasp defending it’s nest! Ouch!
After leaping about I went inside, got some ‘Stingose’, sprayed it orund my hand and went back to work muttering to myelf. Ten minutes later I get stung *again* by a different wasp… the first one had died in a cloud of fly spray.

Back in for more Stingose…and I gve up. It’s time again for picking up the eldest kid. As I leave I tell the old man… my back feels really itchy… maybe an ant crawled up my trousers… well… it happens. 😀

Up towards the school I drive… getting itchier all the time and my arms are coming up in huge welts. I get to the school and my heart is now pounding and I’m feeling woozy. Not to worry I say to myself… I’ll get home and take an antihistamine… that’ll sort me out..

Five minutes later I’m SMS’ing the wife telling her I feel dire… then I ring the old man who suggests I visit the doc on the way home… just in case.

The daughter arrives… and I’m falling apart. Somehow I drive the 15 mins back towards home. We make it to the doctors with her chatting away in the back keeping me awake. I get inside the docs… and collapse on the counter keeping just enough wits about me to tell them I had been stung twice and needed a little help.
Not sure of the time scale here… but I think the recepionist rushes of for the doc who immediately (it seems) jabs an adrenalin shot into me. By now my insides feel as it they are a towel being wrung out by someone and I’m tied in knots. With what’s left of my mind I’m saying goodbye to the world and feeling bad that I’m dropping dead in front of my 10 year old daughter.
The adrenaline does its job and my mind starts to clear a little… I start to come back from the black… ten mins later I get a shot of hydrocortisone… and I begin to think I might live after all (which of course I did or I’d not be here).

I recall saying thank’s to the doctor for seeing me so quickly… she said “Thanks for saving your life you mean?”… “That too!” says I. 😀
From the docs to the chemist… from the chemist home… collapse in a chair in the dark… then go to bed and hardly moved all night. Left everyone to their own devices. I was still in shock, feeling dreadful and realising just *how* close I was to dying.

This morning I’m still woozy. My head is thumping and my hands are still swollen. All else seems ok as far as I can tell. The lumps on my arms have gone, and me head is fairly clear… as clear as ever it was I suppose… but I was *very, very* lucky. For example, had my father not suggested going to the docs I might well have gone straight home… and that would have been fatal… literally.

Still, all’s well that ends well. I think on the basis of this I might go ask the doctor for a prescriotion for an epipen so that in the unlikely event of this recurring I’d be able to get help until I reach hospital.

I’ve no idea *why* this allergy kicked in now… nothing like this has happened before… but I’m damn sure I hope it never does again! Having said that… if you *have* to go (as we all must eventually) then this was a remarkably quick and painless way to go so I’m not knocking it too hard 😀

Hey… maybe *now* is the time to go buy a lottery ticket?

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March 29, 2007 at 8:32 am

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Cane Toads Rule!

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A monster cane toad has been found up in the Northern Territory… a male one at that! Mosly it’s the females that are huge, but this one is a monster… nearly 20.5 cms long.

Giant Cane Toad
It was described by the people who caught it as being the size of a small dog. It’s a pity they are poisonous… i bet the French would love their legs!

Actually… come to think of it… or maybe not… I suppose someone would find out. 😦

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March 27, 2007 at 11:04 pm

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Hicks travesty show trial begins.

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David Hicks appeared in court and pleaded guilty to aiding terrorism.

The show trial was the culmination of years of torture, illegal incarceration and political machinations designed solely to find him guilty of… something.

In fact David had little choice but to plead guilty. The charges were formulated and made retrospective *exactly so they *would* cover things he might have done. And after 5+ years solitary confinement in a dog kennel almost anything would be preferable to what he’s been going through… except that is, for more of it.

Just one thing… if John Howard thinks this will get him off the hook with ‘us the people’, he had better think again. Nobody will forgive him for abandoning an Australian in time of peril.

We are all ashamed of John Howard’s behaviour.

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March 27, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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Earth Hour.

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This is something for everyone… spread the word… make it a global campaign. E-mail it to all your friends… tell people in work… tell everyone!!

Earth Hour

The idea is simple.. switch off your house lights (or business lights) for one hour on 31st March 2007 (next Saturday night) to save fuel etc. Join the fight… register at the site. 😀

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March 27, 2007 at 10:08 pm

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I like gardening.

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Spent the morning in the garden hacking, pulling, weeding, chopping and the like… and this is on just one small part of the garden… just outside the front door.

At the moment I’m in the mood for a tidy… so I decided I would start at the front, work over the side, the pool area and back… and *then* maybe I’l feel more like fixing the house.

Basically I got sick of doing ‘bits’ of organising and figured if I concentrate my efforts on one bit at a time I might actually end up *doing* the place instead of just messing here and there. Still loads to do…. but it’s tidy outside around the front at least:D

And… just to round things off…I mowed ahead of the rain… which in the end didn’t arrive… grrr.

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March 27, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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