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The genius of George.

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So… Donald Rumsfeld was briefing George Bush in the Oval Office… “Oh and finally, sir, three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq today.”

Bush goes pale, his jaw hanging open in stunned disbelief. He buries his face in his hands, muttering “My God…My God”.

“Mr. President,” says Cheney, “we lose soldiers all the time, and it’s terrible. But I’ve never seen you so upset. What’s the matter?”

Bush looks up and says…”How many is a Brazilian’?”

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July 31, 2007 at 9:32 pm

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Pottermania revisited

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Found a couple of links that might be interesting. First off is an interview JKR did with msn. There’re a few questions answered here but not as many as we’d like. 🙂

Second is a webchat she did where she answered a few of the most important questions out of the 120,000 submitted. There is *lots* of detail in here and if she makes a few more of these available it’ll round off the series nicely!

I’m not printing excerpts here again in case there are some who’ve not finished the final book.

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July 31, 2007 at 11:16 am

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G'Day Bruce!

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Seems the UK is being visited by a rather large shark which might be yet another sign of global warming? Could be that soon the UK will be getting regular visits from some of these monsters and you’ll be getting the reports of people vanishing out of the sea with no trace being found.

Might sound odd but even when I look at the picture accompanying this, it still amazes me. For years I couldn’t understand how something which has such a small ‘face’ could be guilty of chopping people in half or swallowing them whole. Then I started seeing pictures like this one and realised just how wide its mouth could open. There’d be room in there for half of me and I’m no lightweight!!

If this was the last sight you saw coming towards you it’d be enough to make you die of fright before the jaws closed. Is it horrible or what?
Great White Shark

A cousin of Ol’ Sharkie here has been patrolling the beaches off the coast of Cornwall recently. Cornwall is the home of the relatively small UK surfing community so maybe this thing is sitting waiting for lunch to swim by. I don’t swim in the sea here because of the risks… minimal though they may be. I doubt very much if I’d get into the sea around the UK now either… tho since the country is sitting in the middle of one of the largest sewage systems in the world it probably wouldn’t be healthy even without the sharks! Sad really.

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July 31, 2007 at 9:01 am

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Widgets ahoy!

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I’ve got loads of Widgets on my screen… a few from Microsoft, but most from Yahoo. I have time (UK and Aus) Weather (UK and Aus) one that searches for my pictures on the machine and does a slide-show… also post-it notes, system information, news and a Dilbert thing that gets the latest cartoon.

Unfortunately until yesterday I never managed to get one that allowed me to stream music! Couldn’t work it out until it occurred to me I might not have the system set the way the widgets needed… and one thing I *didn’t* have was ‘RealPlayer’. Got it, installed it… and now I have Radio 3 (UK classical music station) blasting out loud and clear!! I have no idea what it is I’m listening to but I think it’s something being produced by Tuareg warriors from some desert or other. But at least it’s working!!
I’m now looking at the Australian ones also discarded because they didn’t work. Perhaps then I can get stations like Australian Classic FM… very polished is Classic FM. Try it on the web. Not bad I promise!! 🙂

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July 31, 2007 at 8:51 am

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Spider pig, spider pig…

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If that makes no sense to you you’ve probably not seen the new Simpson’s movie. For anyone who loves the Simpson’s cartoons… this is a must. For anyone else? It’s still a load of fun but you might miss a few of the ‘in-jokes’ 🙂

If you *do* decide to go see it, I’d suggest waiting until the credits are finished before leaving. There’re a lot of people out there who left before the end and never heard Magaggies first word… or discovered the sort of job you get after four years of film school!!

Did I laugh … well yes!! Will I buy the video… hell yes! 🙂

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July 29, 2007 at 7:49 pm

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The Beatles – yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

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I was in Aldi supermarket the other day and there was a pile of DVD’d going cheap there so naturally I had to have a nose. One I found I just *had* to have.

It is a copy of old an Beatles TV appearance from April 28th 1964. In it the ‘fab four’ do a skit on A Midsummer Nights Dream etc but they also perform a lot of their stuff to that date along with a whole heap of then current pop starts. These ranged from Long John Baldry thru Cilla Black to the Vernons Girls and P J Proby. What a bunch!

The miming to the songs was so bad as to be almost criminal but what *really* got me was how totally daggy everybody looked. One girl stood out impressively simply because, at the end of April, in a pop concert with the best groups in the UK at that time… this 16 year old chose to wear a white hat, white glasses and a woollen coat with a thick fur collar that looked like a cat her mother had sewn on. To round of ‘the look’ she carried a huge leather look handbag. I do hope she”s never seen this clip since 🙂 To be fair many of the rest managed to look more like teenagers with sweaters and trousers or skirts, but even so there were many boys wearing suits and ties… god we were a sad bunch.

Some of the groups were worth watching even if the performances were a bit ‘frantic’ in parts. P J Proby reminded me why he was a demo singer for Elvis at one time and Cilla was just Cilla… funny face but a great voice. Long John Baldry was brilliant. I’d forgotten just how good his voice was, so sad he died a couple of years back. Actually, it *was* the music that made it worthwhile it was just that the lack of professionalism in the presentation was so amateurish it was almost embarrassing to watch.

Once that section of the DVD was over we got into a few clips from US and Japanese concerts and the boys were as good as ever singing loads of their great songs.

Was it worth buying?? Hell yes… especially since it only cost me $5 😀 How could I lose?? 🙂

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July 29, 2007 at 12:18 pm

Daughter did well!

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THere was a tae-kwon-do competition in one of the local sports centre’s yesterday and the eldest entered two of the tournements. She won both receiving a medal for each. We think she’d have got more if she’d entered more of them… maybe next time.

She’s currently a Brown Belt but is looking towards getting ehr Black by the end of theyear. If she keeps this up she’ll be there ok.
Very proud parents here 🙂

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July 29, 2007 at 11:45 am

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The Simpson's Movie

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The kids are nagging to go see it this weekend. The wife is working so she won’t be able to go, and she isn’t as fond of them as the kids and I are 🙂

So… looks like we’ll be off in a few hours if I can buy tickets online before we go. I’ve taken to wanting to be sure we get decent seats and booking is as good a way as any to make sure we do.

Nothing much to discuss otherwise – nothing not already in other posts somewhere I’m sure.

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July 29, 2007 at 11:43 am

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Lady Diggers!

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There have been a few twitterings in the ranks about the way the modern Aussie army is recruiting new recruits. The main focus of the concern has been the new series of posters featuring the Lady Differ in a variety of situations but in most wearing the same outfit.

Trouble is that this costume is said to be a bit ‘tighter’ than one would see in real life. And… as you can see from the reproduction below of one of the posters this isn’t too far from the truth. The somewhat obviously female one of the pair does seem to be stretching the material of her uniform a little… ok a lot. 🙂
Lady Diggers

The claim now by the ubiquitous “Defence spokeswoman” is that “The posters were not designed for outside recruiting but rather to encourage soldiers to consider a change in trade.” By all accounts it worked with numbers requesting a change in trade jumping from 35 to 450 in the first week the posters were used. I wonder how many of the guys who moved jobs were disappointed when their workmates didn’t live up to their expectations?? 😀

Note: Anyone who’d like to see copies of the remainder of the posters, especially the ‘Army Angel’ with the tight nurses outfit… just drop me a line!

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July 28, 2007 at 4:09 pm

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I'll follow my friend

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Looks like Nicole Richie is off to the slammer for four days. But unlike her frazzled friend Paris Hilton, she did it with style marching out of the court with her head held high.

Nicole Richie

I was never a particular fan of hers, but if she takes this the way she started she’ll have lifted herself up a long way in my estimation. Admittedly when your as low in my estimation as she and her friend were to begin with this wasn’t too hard… but she did it… and that’s what counts. Isn’t it?? 🙂

All we need now is some reasonable news about that other millionaire crash jetty Lindsay Lohan

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July 28, 2007 at 3:43 pm

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