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Elseya irwini

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The Elseya irwini is an interesting new turtle discovered by Steve Irwin and his father and named after them.

Apart from being on the endangered list it’s one major claim to fame is that it can breathe underwater through it’s backside.

Personally I’d have thought being able to breathe thru it’s backside would place it in a different genus to the one chosen since it might be linked more closely with something that talks thru it’s backside.

Maybe it’s name should have been Elseya Howardii ??

Story here: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22339658-29277,00.html

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August 31, 2007 at 8:15 am

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Bye- Bye Lady Di.

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Ten years has past really quickly. I was driving my brother-in-law down from his weekend stint in periodic detention ‘At Her Majesty’s Pleasure’, to our house in Penrith when the news cam on the radio. He’d heard it but I hadn’t. I was very upset at the time and I suppose underneath the layers of time I still am.Did I know her personally? Nope. Had I ever met her? Nope Would I ever have met her? Highly unlikely. Yet I was and am still upset.
Part of the upset was that like many others I saw her as a figurehead of some sort, thought what exactly the thinking was behind that I don’t know. Maybe she epitomised for some of us the stand against the traditional class ridden structures of society… weird bearing in mind what she was and her position in ’society’. Maybe she was seen as a rebel… or a fighter against the faceless bureaucracy… or maybe just as a well loved but badly wronged woman. Who knows. Regardless of the who’s or why’s.. I was sorry she died.

I’m also sorry that the cause of her death, the consort of the king-in-waiting, felt she could accept an invitation to the memorial service for her. Luckily the Queen saw sense and told the old bag to stay away. Had she appeared there may well have been riots. Ten years ago or not, Diana’s life and the indirect cause of her death are well remembered.

Will the feelings still be as strong in another ten years? I have no idea, but I *do* think that Camilla will never replace Diana and as long as she lives there will be a large portion of the public who revile her.

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August 31, 2007 at 8:12 am

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It don’t rain…

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On a continuing theme from yesterday my kids are driving me crazy too. Try as I might they simply will *not* do what they are asked, or told no matter how urgent it is or even how much they personally will benefit from it.

Dunno why I’m so annoyed… I doubt I was any better when I was small :)

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August 31, 2007 at 8:07 am

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Misery your name is Dog

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I *really* don’t like having so little control over my life or the way I live it. The wife seems to think it’s because the kids tend to ride roughshod over me not matter what I tell them… or ask them to do. Also that for some reason I’m incapable of saying “No” to people regardless how bizarre the request :)
She may be right, maybe not. I think the ‘rot’ started when we made the decision I wouldn’t work but stay home and ‘keep house. Well ok this has been my lot in life for the past 25 years or so… and I’ve not worked since, except for odd times here and there. Thing is… in effect I’ve locked myself in a gilded cage!

I’m so relatively unskilled that even if I *do* work I can’t earn enough to compensate for the massive increase in tax the wife pays. So you say… why not do voluntary work. To which I answer that doesn’t solve the problem. Part of the issue is that I have no economic independence… I’m entirely dependent on the wife’s goodwill!

Ok there’s not a lot of chance she’ll dump me before I croak, but that’s isn’t the issue either. It ain’t about her it’s about me! Basically I have no ‘control’ over my own destiny… simple as that!! :)

Question is what to do about it… and that’s where things aren’t either clear or easy. I’ll just have to work on this awhile.

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August 30, 2007 at 8:05 am

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Advertisers stink!

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Some of the tricks advertisers pull have to be seen to be understood. This particular little trick took me several views to catch.What we had was a woman identifying herself as a ‘paediatrician *and* young mother… ” etc who went on to describe the sort of nutrition a young child needs. As she bends over a pram with a child in it, another voice picks up the thread and says “And that’s why *I* choose… ” whatever baby food it was.

What hooked me originally was that a paediatrician was actually promoting a specific baby food product… which is to say the least unusual. After several tries I worked it out but it was very cleverly done… as sneaky and underhand as it was.

I wonder what the product was?

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August 30, 2007 at 8:04 am

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More IT doings.

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As if I haven’t enough to be going on with online (let alone of) I somehow seem to have managed to get myself mixed up in developing two more sites.

The first site, called Magic Muggles, is a little redundant already in that it’s going to be the ‘web presence’ of a newsgroup I frequent from time to time, called alt.fan.harry-potter. It’s redundant in that the books are now all ‘out there’, there is no mystery about who did what, and there will be no more books in the series! Still, it’s an interesting project that will take weeks or months to get fully implemented.

The second is a site belonging to the girl who handles my training at the gym. She actually paid someone to create a site for her a year or so ago and it was dire… I mean *dire*. What she wanted was a ‘recruitment site’ where personal trainers could go, register, and find work. What she got was an almost blank page with little of interest on it anywhere!

Anyway, I managed to volunteer myself to try to create something for her that actually worked. I made a start and knocked up the basics of a site called Fitness Recruiter for her, but can’t say I like what I’ve done so will probably start over… partly because I don’t much like the software I used :)

Either way it will will take a while to get both sites set up properly… using time I don’t have… but I suppose it’s harmless fun in its own way.

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August 30, 2007 at 8:02 am

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HICES Music Festival 2007

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We were out last night listening the the eldest daughter performing as part of a group of about 300 music students known collectively as the HICES. It’s an annual event and places are hotly contested amongst students of the schools involved.The group, all drawn from years 5 – 8 of Independent Co-Ed schools across New South Wales, spend 3 days at a camp in southern NSW working and playing together to prepare for the festival. The format includes string ensembles, choirs and bands.

Bearing in mind how little time these kids have to practise together as as group it’s amazing the level of performance they produce. Admittedly they are the best around for their ages, but even so the level of ability of their teachers has to be marvelled at as well since it is they who manage to get them performing as a cohesive whole. Obviously the music selection heavily influences the outcome as well and again I think it was all done very well indeed.

The daughter performed well both with her flute in her band, and the combined choral group but I must say I thought both the the boys choir and second string ensemble were exceptional.

Overall we had a very enjoyable, if late, night. After three very hard days rehearsing and playing culminating in the performance and a ride home that saw us arrive just prior to midnight, the daughter is very tired. I *was* going to wake her early to get to school for her flute lesson, but on reflection I might let her have the extra 30 mins sleep. Both she *and* her sister will be like bears with sore heads as it is so maybe those few extra minutes will help temper their tempers.

Next years HICES will feature years 7 – 9 and as the daughter will be in year 7 next year she might go again! We can but hope… and nag her to practice. :)

Note: HICES is an acronym for ‘Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools’ – what this has to do with the music is anyone’s guess!

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August 30, 2007 at 8:00 am

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