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Happy New Year!!

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We’ve had quite a good day today. Lots to eat, a fair bit to drink, an afternoon at the ice rink in the cool followed by an evening in the swimming pool which was *really* warm!! Came in and watched a really wonderful little foreign film on SBS and am quite pleased with the way the day has gone so far.

So far? Can it get better? Well this is Australia… of course it can!!

I’m just about to watch the largest (and, of course, the best) fireworks display in the world… on TV of course. I’m not setting foot in Sydney until I can go by myself and that won’t be until the kids are old enough to be let out by themselves, say in 15 years or more?? 🙂

Right now though the seconds are ticking away and we’re all set here with a glass of ‘something’ in the hand ready to toast the year in.

There are 7 of us still here so from me, the wife, the eldest daughter, the second eldest daughter, the youngest daughter, the soon-to-be-son-in-law and the eldest grandson… a Happy New Year to one and all. May the coming twelvemonth be all you wish for it, and, most importantly… may be all be here again *next* year to do it all over again.

Best wishes to one and all from all here… let’s hope it’s great in 2008!! 😀

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December 31, 2007 at 10:52 pm

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The bride wore drag!!

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SO… there we were drifting into our seats at the ‘all you can eat’ restaurant after a hot and tiring day walking in the mountains. Not least because it isn’t easy hiking with no soles on your boots… but I’ve covered that before and I digress.

There we are seated at the far end of the restaurant and find we’re within cooee of a wedding party made up of people of ‘islander’ extraction. They could have been Maori… but could equally have been Samoan, Tongan or Fijian… didn’t ask.

We were entertained by a loud preacher who exhorted the assembled masses to raise their souls to reach for the lord etc while blessing the married couple and praying for their future. There were songs, and speeches… the usual stuff… and we enjoyed it all. Good stuff. To round off their evening we were treated to a very loud and aggressive Haka which was much appreciated by all of us. 😀

That was pretty much it for the night, but the next morning to round it off… and to show the jinx curries favour with nobody and is happy to rub off where it can… we discovered a newspaper article that provided more information about what happened to the bridal party after we’d left them.

Seems the ‘happy couple’ left the reception to go home, get changed, and prepare for their honeymoon. They’d left in a large black Holden Caprice which was parked at front while we were still there. While they were snogging in the back of the hire car, the driver had arrived at a set of lights. As he waited there, a white Commodore pulled up alongside. For reasons as yet unclear, the Caprice driver decided to take off from the lights like a bullet and ‘street race’ the other car. They had reached 130 kph (in a 60 kph zone) before being pulled over by the police… and to their general humiliation, were then filmed being arrested!

Sadly I can’t find a way of embedding the video of the bride traipsing over to the police car in her wedding dress and climbing in, but I did find a still of them outside it.

Marriage is a dragAs sad as it was… and whilst it was obviously very embarrassing for the newly married couple… the rest of us thought it was highly amusing! 😀

Be warned… nobody messes with the jinx!! 😀

Oh yes… both cars were immediately confiscated by police. They got home only because the brides mother happened to be passing, saw them and stopped to give them a lift home!!

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December 31, 2007 at 2:09 pm

Well, well… all home in one piece!

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We are all indeed home in one piece. A couple of possible near misses but nothing serious. However… as usual the ‘unexplainable’ met the unexpected’ and the day produced it’s share of jinx associated events.

For a start I had a few ‘problems’ with my Colorado boots. I bought the boots years ago to use when we went on holiday to Uluru and they’ve been really great with very little wear to the soles and uppers that are soft as calf leather. Today I put them on ready to go walking around the Blue Mountains but before we set off I spent an hour in the garden watering and doing stuff ready to go out. Got in the car… drove up to the mountains and the entire trip was totally uneventful.

We arrived… I wandered around the car sorting out my rucksack etc and we set off.

I’d not got a few feet before I felt something was very not right with my feet. I looked down… and discovered the sole of the right boot was hanging off!! No time to go get new shoes… and nowhere to buy them anyway with everywhere shut for the holidays, so I pulled it off and off we went with me now walking on the undersole. I didn’t mind too much because my spine is a bit twisted so this actually levelled me off! No worries.

We walked down to the waterfall at Wentworth Falls and back to the car. We left to go to the Three Sisters. I got out of the car… and the *other* sole fell off!! Not happy Jan!!  (that’s a reference to a Yellow Pages advert run in Australia so if you don’t get it I’m sorry).

Not long after that the picnic table collapsed trapping the youngest grandson between his seat and the table. My daughter says this sort of thing happens to *him* regularly too!!

It looks like the jinx has been handed on successfully. Poor kid!! 😀

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December 29, 2007 at 8:46 pm

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A blue day ahead.

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Despite me being all bar crippled with my back, all of us are off to the Blue Mountains for the day. The picnic is made… dishes are packed… water is in the bottles… and away we go. I did none of the preparation because last night I finally came down with the cold that’s been affecting all the others for the past few weeks and I went off to bed leaving them to it. I say ‘them’ but I really meant the wife who organised it all. To add to her workload, when the others came home after their day in Manly, they let the dog out who legged it as usual. The wife was out at 11:30 p.m. going to fetch him from his usual haunt at the ‘dog park’. She is a little tired so I expect her to sleep today.

Obviously this is a very compressed version of yesterdays events. I might expand a little if I get time… no promises though!

Anyway… right now I’m not sure who is going in which car but all 11 of us are off to see if we can set off together, have a good day together… and have all of us return… together. If you’re wondering, one of the visiting grandsons is a little ‘unruly’ and we are already concerned he’ll take it into his head and rush straight towards things not realising there could be a sheer 300 metre drop a few feet ahead.

Of course people *do* die up there regularly but they tend to be people who’ve both gone up ill-prepared and also ignored the signs or wandered off the designated paths when they have no map to guide them back. There are millions of acres of virgin bush up there with huge  impenetrable sections and once you’ve strayed even a few metres from the paths you can find it all bar impossible to work out how to get back.

On the other hand millions of people go up there to cool off and enjoy the views etc and they nearly all come back alive and in one piece so if we all keep a ‘weather eye’ on him he should be ok. 😀

Right now I’m more concerned about how I’ll manage to get up and down paths when I can hardly walk already. I’m dosed up with Advil etc and had a load of water to make sure I don’t dehydrate too quickly if I have to keep stopping to brace my back. I’ll manage. 😀

So we’re off. I’m back on the diet… though it’ll be a struggle with all these choccies and cakes about… and I’ve a hard day ahead. We’re loaded up with meal replacement bars and that’ll see me through ok. I figured I’d be better off eating two or more of those than the sandwiches etc we’re taking for the picnic.

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December 29, 2007 at 8:27 am

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Working on the finances

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We’ve sat around this arvo looking at ways to save a few dollars this year. What with one thing and another the bank balance is currently looking a little bare… ok a bit less than bare!

So far we’ve slashed $300 a month off our expenses with more to come. Not as much as we’d like… or need… but a damn good start! 😀

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December 28, 2007 at 2:15 pm

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Oh… by the way.

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In case you were wondering, which I bet you weren’t, the back still hurts.

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December 28, 2007 at 8:12 am

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I like Barbie's!

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Ok I admit I *do* like Barbie’s, but I think I should point out I’m not talking about the diminutive and anatomically challenged variety… more the food and drink oriented type. 🙂

Back at the Ice Rink yesterday we met up with some friends who invited us over for a couple of hours R&R for a barbie and a whinge. No biggie of course, just some chicken, sausages, salad, etc… usual stuff but all the nicer because someone else cooked it. It’s so civilized in their house. So clean and tidy. It felt like

I think maybe next week we’ll have them over and let them see what life is like with the ferals!! If nothing else it’ll give us more topics to whinge about in the coming weeks and months!!  🙂

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December 28, 2007 at 8:07 am

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