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Powerball jackpot to hit $50 million

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This morning I was bemoaning the fact that I forgot to enter the Powerball Lottery this week when the Jackpot stood at a record AU$40 million. Today I’m pleased because it didn’t go off so I get another chance next Thursday when the Jackpot will stand at $50,000,000 can you *imagine* winning that?!? 😀

Personally I think you should use the link below (or in the sidebar) and get yourself a chance… after all *someone* has to win it!! What is even better is that it’s state run *and* can be entered by anyone in the world!! The links take you directly to the official Lottery Entry Site. Good luck – but I hope *I* win!! 😀

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May 30, 2008 at 4:54 pm

Assault by hedghog.

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A New Zealand man has been convicted of assaulting a teenager with a hedgehog. No idea why but William Singalargh, aged 27 was convicted of assault and offensive behaviour after he threw the hedgehog at a 15 year old boy who was returning home.

The animal struck the youth on the hip and some of the spikes were left stuck in his hip. As a follow up to this when the boys mother intervened, Little Willy dropped his daks and waved his backside at her!

No idea what happened to the hedgehog afterwards, but as the thing had been used for a game of hacky sack by Willy and three of his mates shortly before the incident it is unlikely it was in any state to survive.

In New Zealand by the way, Hedgehogs are regarded as pests because they have no natural predators so have multiplied and eat anything small that wriggles, hops… or just stays still long enough to get munched.

Even so, using one as a piece of sports equipment isn’t a good idea… ask Alice!!

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May 30, 2008 at 4:38 pm

Pink Floyd revisited

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Just been listening to some early (very early!) Pink Floyd music from 1967 and it honestly sent shivers down my spine. The two most obviously ‘popular’ are Arnold Layne and See Emily Play which are just amazingly ‘complete’ as songs, not least because they came from the mind of that poor twisted soul, the late Syd Barrett.

Ok their voices aren’t particularly great, and their arrangements weren’t fully developed, yet there was something special about the lyrics that you can still feel today. Well *I* can anyway, it was after all ‘my era. 🙂

There’s a peculiarly perhaps aptly, strange version of See Emily Play on YouTube if you’d like a listen. It isn’t as good as the single (mainly because of the sound reproduction) but you’ll get the idea. There’s also an ‘interesting’ video of sorts of Arnold Layne for you to puzzle over. Last I’d suggest having a look at my all time favourite ‘early Floyd’ track which was one of Syd’s last creations… it’s “Bike” and is in my opinion quite exceptional. 😀

Clearly these kids were on something special back then, but whatever it was it affected Syd so badly his mental deterioration caused him to withdraw from the group, and from life in general. Still, long before Dark Side of the Moon was even considered, he’d made his mark.

For a few minutes entertainment you could do worse than type ‘Pink Floyd’ into the search bar of You Tube and see what turns up.

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May 30, 2008 at 12:18 pm

Alzheimer's Test?

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I lifted this from the pages of the UK Daily Mail and it purports to be a ‘test’ anyone can take to determine if they have Alzheimer’s Disease. Basically you answer the questions below and if you say yes to one or more… go talk to your doctor..

Atzheimers - crucial questions test

Well that’s all very well and good… but exactly do they *mean* by ‘an impact’? I think I could tick a few of those boxes and say they have had ‘an impact’ on my life… but they’ve been having ‘an impact’ since I was *very* young.

For example I’ve had constant comments on my forgetfulness. Also I repeat myself in conversations constantly. I’ve even been known to repeat stories to people who told *me* the story originally as if it was me who said it first (embarrassing or what??)! I get depressed *and* anxious about having such a bad memory yes… but it’s been like it my entire life. Ok it’s worse now than in the past but still I once drove home leaving the baby in the shopping trolley and I got regular calls from the shopping mall telling me I’d left my phone behind somewhere… again!

Also I find it hard to follow conversations or programmes on TV… but that’s mostly because I can’t hear clearly and partly because sometimes (mostly?) the programmes are such dross you have to force yourself to pay attention!

My point here is that I doubt very much if I could yet be considered to have developed Alzheimer’s Disease despite quite clearly having a few of those ‘symptoms’ listed above and I think it is a tad irresponsible to print them so baldly telling people to rush off to their doctors for help. I’d have thought GP’s had enough on their plates without people popping in for a psychological test or two just on the off chance they might be suffering from something that might take 10 years to develop even if they have it and can’t be fixed anyway!

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May 30, 2008 at 11:00 am

Surely it can't just be me?

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Have a look at this pasta sauce lid. Tell me if you notice anything a little ‘odd’ about it.

Latina Pasta Sauce lid

Not obvious yet?

Ok… have a look at the wording two lines under the ‘Fresh Sauce’ bit. See it now?

I’ll write it out so it’s clearer…


Maybe it’s just me but that makes absolutely *no* sense to me whatever. I’m all for product warnings in places where inadvertent and/or unexpected damage or trauma may be caused by something but I just can’t imagine a situation where anyone would expect to heat something and *not* expect it to get hot?? Otherwise why on earth would they be heating it?

Am I that far off line that I’m the only one who thinks this is bizarre??

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May 30, 2008 at 9:14 am

Victory!! One in the eye for Jodie Powers!!

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Some of you may remember that this blog has always been a constant supporter of Schapelle Corby. However Jodie Powers (below right), a ‘friend’ of Schapelle’s sister Mercedes, went on air in a TV program (Today Tonight) run by the Seven Network and said some pretty nasty things about the entire family.

Mercedes Corby vs Jodie PowerUnderstandably, with her sister fighting for freedom Mercedes sued for defamation. The last thing she wanted was for her sisters case to be tainted by association. The case got quite nasty with all sorts of allegations thrown about by both sides not least that Mercedes herself habitually both used and smuggled drugs and even impeded Schchapelle’s defence for her own gain!

However… news has just come in that Mercedes (above left) has won her case!!

I wonder whether Channel Seven feel they got value for money bearing in mind the$100,000 they paid Jodie for the story along with those two ‘all expenses paid overseas holidays’ now that they might have to fund a hefty legal bill as well!

Serves them right in my opinon. It’s time these media giants were brought to book. They think they can attack ordinary people with impunity… this time at least they got it wrong!!

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May 29, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Vale Beryl Cook

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Sad news today about the passing of the highly regarded yet still under rated artist Beryl Cook who died qietly last night aged 81.

Beryl Cook - Art ClassBeryl’s pictures had a quite unmistakeable style featuring ‘fat ladies’ and otherwise ’rounded’ characters which brought to life many a social gathering. She didn’t really do much painting before the age of 40 but she has been in high demand since people have become more acquainted with her work. Despite this she never received the critical acclaim she might have.

Beryl Cook was awarded an OBE in 1995 but regardless of her fame, kept quietly out of the limelight.

Bearing in mind what passes for art these days her work has always been refreshing in its simplicity. Her humorous perspective will be missed.

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May 29, 2008 at 9:56 am

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Happy Birthday Dad!!

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The old man touched 87 today… lord knows how but he’s there all the same!! 🙂

Still hoping you’ll make it out for Xmas but I appreciate it might be a bit difficult. As I said in the family forum… your cards are sitting next to me as I type. The wife has been nagging me for the past two weeks to sign and send ours and the kids will tell me off tomorrow I expect 🙂

Still, thinking of you across the miles regardless. Hope the day is less traumatic than of late!

Have a beer on us at least?

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May 28, 2008 at 9:19 pm

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Singing Budgie bans big birthday bash.

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On the subject of ‘entertainers’, we’d like to say happy birthday to Australian singer Kylie Minogue (a.k.a. the singing budgie) who has reached the ripe old age of 40. Bearing in mind the scare she had recently with developing breast cancer she will no doubt be relieved that she reached this anniversary without further problems. However instead of the huge birthday party friends had been expecting she’d lay, on she’s opted for a relatively small scale party with close friends and family.

Kylie Minogue NudeAdmittedly she isn’t my favourite singer and since she sang ‘Locomotion’ and ‘I should be so lucky’ back in 1987 I’ve never really followed her career which amazingly has flourished for all these years!

Actually bearing mind her it was her sister Danni who was the early bloomer it was surprising how easily she seemed to morph and develop herself into a a fully-fledged entertainer. Perhaps it was the ‘fresh faced girl next door’ image she promoted during her time as an actress in the Neighbours soapie that endeared her to the UK public.

Whatever the reasons, she’s lasted twenty five years in a business that has seen the stars of one hit wonders shine and dim to nothing.

She seems nice enough person so good luck to her… happy 40th Kylie.

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May 28, 2008 at 9:01 am

Burley Shirley treated early!

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News today that Dame Shirley Bassey is in hospital recovering from emergency surgery after experiencing stomach pains. Details are sketchy, obviously, but there is no suggestion at present that the 71 year old singing legend will not recover quickly.

Shirley Bassey - young and mature

Shirley Bassey has been one of the UK’s best loved entertainers for the last half century with a string of hits and amassing sales topping 100 million records!! Her distinctive voice, coupled with an irreverent attitude in which she displays the ability to almost mock her own somewhat theatrical performance style has endeared her to audiences worldwide.

We wish her a speedy recovery to full health.

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May 28, 2008 at 8:39 am