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Fat enough for you?

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Hot on the heels of my last post complaining about what a backwater the UK has become, is news of a Disco that has taken on board Homer Simpsons edict of “No Fat Chicks” and run with it barring them from entry to the club!

The manager of the club who it seems is no lightweight himself finally abandoned his attempts to bar people he considered ‘large’ after a furious protest erupted. Still, the point has been made… not only that for women ‘thin’ is the only acceptable body form allowed, but that sexism, mysogeny and the rest has been confirmed as alive and kicking!!

I suppose there are some who would suggest that Jersey isn’t really a part of the UK… especially when it gets this sort of publicity… but hey… I’m sure they have a point, even if it’s only on top of their heads!

Story: BBC News


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July 31, 2008 at 10:29 am

The theme thing.

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Have you noticed just how few of the major blockbusters we see in the movies these days have a ‘theme song’ associated with them?

Some, such as the Harry Potter  and Lord of the Rings series had nice melodies that we could hum or whistle, some like Shrek 1 have soundtracks filled with old songs that we can remember… but how many films these days have actual songs in the manner of, say, the Bond songs like ‘Goldfinger’, ‘You only live twice’, From Russia With Love etc?

Lots of films had really memorable themes that became hits in their own right. Remember “The Harry Lime Theme”, “Lara’s Theme” and the rest?

When we heard those tunes it took you straight back to the film bringing back all sorts of memories. I actually miss them. What happened? Where did they go?

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July 30, 2008 at 6:39 am

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Public Breastfeeding in Wales? Nope.

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I was reading a little straw poll on the Wales Online website which asked a question I’d have thought shouldn’t even need to be asked today.

The question is “Do you think it’s acceptable for women to breastfeed in public?” The answer was so obviously ‘yes’ that I was amazed that the results of their poll showed 78.4% actually voted *no*! No doubt these are descendants of the same people who put bras on cows, and skirts on piano legs for fear of overstimulating their little brains with lascivious thoughts.

Breastfeeding IconWorld Breastfeeding Week 2008 runs from August 1 – 7 2008 and it looks like this would be a good time for antiquated backwaters of the world to learn the facts of life. Are people really still embarrassed by doing something so natural?

Come on Wales… get a grip. What do you think those lumps of fat hanging off a woman’s chest are actually there for?? Decoration?? Geez.

On re-reading this I thought I should make it clear the comment “get a grip” was in no way intended to refer to the parts of the females under discussion… 🙂

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July 29, 2008 at 6:43 pm

Vale Randy Pausch

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To add to the mixed news in today’s blog entries, we have to pass on news of the sad if inevitable death of Dr. Randy Pausch.

Dr. Randy Pausch and familySome of you may remember Dr Pausch who made headlines a while back when, suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer, he made a life affirming lecture on September 18, 2007 called literally “The Last Lecture” which became extraordinarily well known.

Sadly Randy finally died on 25th July 2008 with friends and family surrounding him.

For those who’d like to know more, all necessary information and links can be found at the Randy Pausch Wikipedia article entry. Reading his lecture is a wake up call to all of us.

Angela vs Wendy

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You want a discussion about diaphragms… or Brazilian waxing… or big cars… or plastic surgery…  or… ?? Well now’s your chance.

Angela Catterns & Wendy HarmerFor those of you have listened to me ramble on incessantly about Angela Catterns (and occasionally Wendy Harmer) now is your chance to listen to those honeyed tones and find out why her voice is so addictive!

Ange and Wendy have teamed up to produce a 16 part series of Podcasts for the ABC. The series is called “Is it just me?” and the first one has been released today.

Is it good? Well *of course it is* which is why I’m suggesting you go listen to it. It isn’t just for Australian audiences by the way… these are two very successful, very clever and very funny women who have rightly risen to the top of their respective trees

In essence, the Podcasts are Ange and Wendy chatting about anything that takes their fancy from family… to… well anything really. And damn good they are too!

Don’t forget to leave some feedback to let me know how good you thought think they are!!

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July 28, 2008 at 1:49 pm

Death is never good news.

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Last week we heard news of a man who was towing a boat in his car and for some reason swerved across three lanes of traffic into water. Onlookers, watched helplessly as the car slowly submerged as the guy frantically and unsuccessfully tried to escape from the car as it filled with water.

A policeman bravely commandeered scuba equipment from a nearby shop and got him out but by then he’d been under water for far too long and despite the best efforts of paramedics he was eventually pronounced dead at hospital. Seems he’d become entangled in the seat belt and his airbag.

The point is that we learned this morning he was the father of a small girl my daughter goes to school with and is one of her best friends. Despite their friendship we’ve not been particularly close to the rest of the family hence only learning about it this morning. Nonetheless it comes as a shock.

We’ve no idea if the school has informed the pupils yet, but we’ll just have to try to explain to my daughter when she gets home and hope for the best.

Regardless of that we sympathise with the family and pass on condolences. We’ll make some quiet enquiries if there’s anything we might be able to do to help, but of course nothing will be of much help in the end.

Life is really tough sometimes.

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July 28, 2008 at 10:46 am

Fording Jeremy Clarkson.

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As you can tell from the paucity of posts recently, nothing much of note has happened in ‘the news’ for me to write about. Ok, I’ve had a bad case of flu but that really doesn’t excuse the lack of ‘something to write about’ out there. And what there *is* isn’t worth commenting on because it’s either been done to death… or bores me to tears.

One such was the visit of the Pope to Australia during World Youth Week. Well let’s face it here, this blog has studiously ignored the entire shebang from go to whoa and tried to pretend it never happened. Actually, one little point might be made, and that is that whilst it might have been a wonderful experience for all those religious zealots who danced about hailing the lord and living off the fat of the land as supplied by the taxes of yours truly, and of course for that old man in a white dress and ruby slippers, for the rest of us it was a PITA and so has been all bar ignored… apart from this paragraph!!! Grrr…

Anyway, all I *really* started to write about was an article by Jeremy Clarkson in the Times Online. Ostensibly it was about the Ford Cortina but diverged into the British penchant for ‘camping’ and before I got sidetracked into the usual irrelevancies, what I was going to say was like him or loathe him you can’t claim Jeremy isn’t a funny guy. So, if you have a few minutes free you might the article is worth a read – well it made me laugh anyway..

Yes that *is* all… move along now. 🙂

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July 28, 2008 at 10:31 am