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Getting the sharp end of the pineapple!

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Seems all Senior/High School in NSW are to get their promised laptops by the end of term two next year… all those in *public* schooling that is. For those of us funding private sector schooling… there’s nothing.

Forgive me for mentioning this… but aren’t *we* taxpayers as well? Isn’t it likely in fact that ‘we’ will be paying a far higher amount into the national/state purse than most? Don’t our kids need laptops as much as the next child? What sort of discriminatory clap-trap is it that decides one section of the population is more deserving than another for this sort of important state subsidy?

I wonder, just wonder, if it’s because the larger percentage of private school fee paying parents might be thought to be those ‘right wing Liberal’ types… i.e. not your usual ‘Labor Voter’ and so not people a Labor government in political strife might consider courting… perhaps?

Those egalitarian types who run the Labor Party machine in NSW surely wouldn’t have just decided to throw equality of of the window would they? Of course, if this *was* the case, it would leave us ‘left of centre Labor’ types somewhat miffed that our kids are to be overlooked!!

Either way, the political machinations that have produced this sort of decision making will be redressed in the next election but by then it will be too late for the rest of to get *our* pound of flesh out of Federal funding!

These ‘vote buying’ tactics are getting out of hand.

Source: NSW Students to get promised laptops

Written by welshdog

November 30, 2008 at 5:24 pm

Well done Wales!

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The score says it all Wales 21 Australia 18 and regardless how it got to be that way… in the books the result stands! 🙂

I suppose things might have been a little different if they Wallabies hadn’t lost their captain Stirling Mortlock in the first few minutes, but nonetheless a stirring victory. Well done guys!

Source: Rugby Heaven

Written by welshdog

November 30, 2008 at 8:14 am

Nigerian scam artists.

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Got this in the post the other day… and it made me wonder just what sort of idiots these scam artists think we are? Just *who* in their right minds would respond to a letter that ‘out of the blue’ tells you you suddenly own $800,000? Just *who* in their right minds would send off so much personal information *including* a scan of an ID card? Clearly subtlety isn’t a strong point!!


Our ref:………..
Your Ref:……

This is to officially inform you that you have an unclaimed remittance sum of $800.000 USD from the remittance center accredited in your name.you are requested to send down your legal details
Monthly Income:…….
Occupation &position Held:…….
Note: that you are to send down a scan copy of your identity card for certification to Mrs Purya Josephine for claim processing at the international Remittance center.
Mrs Purya Josephine:{jash_rossy@yahoo.com.hk}


Minister of Finance
International Remittance Center.

You may ask who would be so stupid yet people *do* respond to these things and not only do they respond… but they even send money to them as well as all their personal details! Hundreds of thousands of dollars are transferred to these sharks yearly by gullible people who can’t believe their luck!

For these scammers Xmas comes many times a year. Beware folks, that old adage runs true. If it seems to good to be true… it probably is!

Written by welshdog

November 30, 2008 at 5:46 am

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Halcyon Days – again?

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Yet again the name of that idiot Garry Houghton, owner of the landscaping company with the laughable name of ‘Halcyon Days’, has popped up because of his shoddy slap-dash approach to his responsibilities.

Despite the incredible problems we had with him, despite having the local Fair Trading people finding against him in our dispute, despite his shoddy work *still* not being fixed… and despite us having to pay him off to scrape him off our shoes… he still manages to annoy.

Five years after he stopped working here (I won’t say ‘finished’ because of the appalling mess he left) we had a letter from the council telling us he had never gone back to collect the Development Application from them! Apparently they now have reason to believe “work may have proceeded on the project”. Seriously – after all this time ‘Halcyon Days’ still performs more like ‘Hades Days’.

We’re been informed that “work should not have proceeded until the Development Application/Construction Certificate and approved plans have been released from Council”.

Can you believe the sheer unprofessionalism of an ex-travelling salesman who claimed to be an expert in his field?? How the hell this guy is still in business beats me. Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t allow him to dig me a hole in the ground… even if he paid me to let him!

So, somehow we have to sort out yet another of the messes he left us with. Garry Houghton…. Halcyon Days… remember those names… what more can I say??

By the way, if anyone would like to come round to investigate the quality of his ‘craftsmanship’… feel free.

Hopefully you’ll do it *before* you sign a contract… !!!!

Written by welshdog

November 27, 2008 at 6:03 pm

Too much reading is bad for you!

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With my cold finally in retreat I’ve been feeling a lot better so was intending to nip up to the Guide Hut today to mow the grass and get ready for the District Camp Fire which is on tomorrow evening.

Instead I spent a lot of the day finishing off re-reading a series of books I’ve already read once… ‘Inheritance’ by Christopher Paolini. The three books released so far are in some ways a mixture of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter at least as far as some of the themes are concerned.

The books aren’t as well written as LoR and perhaps don’t ‘engage’ the reader in alternate possibilities the way that the Potter series do, yet they are quite satisfyingly complete for all that.

The problem is that I have so much work to do that I really didn’t have time to spare. I have a mountain of housework to do as well as the Girl Guide support stuff. And of course Xmas is on the way so the kids want me to give them some assistance in getting the decorations up!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day as I try to get a weeks work done in 8 hours.

Still, it’s nice not to be spending all day sneezing so things could be worse.

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November 27, 2008 at 2:42 pm


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For any of you out there without a culture bone in their bodies I am *not* sneezing… well ok I *am* sneezing because I have a cold but that’s nothing to do with the subject.

Haiku is a traditional Japanes verse form which uses the line syllable format of 5 – 7- 5, i.e. the first line uses five syllable, the second seven, the third, again, 5 syllables. There are variations on this that have emerged through the years but the standard one is the most used. It would appear that the more famous you are in your personal life, the more the rules are bent to allow you to challenge the structure… but not to the extent it becomes a limerick! 🙂

I asked the members of the Australian Opinion forum if they’d like to come up with a few to reflect something that relates to their personal lives.

The first one… and I’m already sure will be the best is this:

Life has much value,
I rationalise,  I search
yet winter prevails.

This is so beautiful, yet so deeply personal that it’s almost sacrilige to pass it on to a wider audience, but I feel it has so much to offer, the greater crime would be to allow it to fade away.

Anyone in here like to produce some Haiku to reflect *their* lives?

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November 24, 2008 at 4:22 pm

Xmas is coming

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You probably are aware that Xmas will be here in just a few short weeks… if not you must be living under a rock! So are we ready? No we are not.

As usual all is chaos here. Financially we’re trying to assess the damage the recession is having on our outgoings and come to terms with the hugely increased outgoings… whilst still trying recover from the expense of last year, so are trying to ‘budget’ yet find enough to buy the kids something useful as presents… and of course in the middle of it I have yet another cold!

Lovely stuff.

At least this year I have the lights and decorations of the garage and into the house which (I hope) will give us time to get them up and give the house the appearance of Xmas spirit even if right now I don’t have much of it myself! 🙂

The daughters came back from Guide Camp last night and put the tree up in the lounge area and are waiting for me to find the tree lights to let them get into dressing it.

We have two other trees to erect as well. One for the upper back room (what was the computer room) and the ‘dining room’ which was the parents room while they were here.  Once the three trees are up it will brighten the place and might even drag this miserable old git into some sort of action and get me out putting the lights up in the garden!

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November 24, 2008 at 11:01 am

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