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Thinking it over…

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On reflection perhaps the problem is actually just the title of the blog.

Times have changed and I’m not really sure I *want* to ramble incessantly about ‘the world as I see it’. Perhaps I really should give up on the blog in this format and create a new one based loosely around my life just posting whatever comes to mind.

Ok ‘opinion’ comes in many forms but if I’m writing, for example about spiders in the garden, adding them here might not be ‘appropriate??

Having said that it *is* my blog so whatever *I* think is appropriate *is* appropriate! 😀

Maybe I’ll have to think that one over and see where it takes me!

Perhaps “My life and welcome to it” ?? 😀

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March 5, 2010 at 1:55 pm

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It's been a while.

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If it isn’t obvious, I got ‘disenchanted’ with blogging a long time ago. I think I just got bored more than anything else, or perhaps I found soemthing else to occupy my mind/time/etc which ever, I just stopped almost a year ago.

I came back a few months later to have a look around, but didn’t really do much after that. Since then bucket loads of stuff has happened that I’d have rambled on about… but much of that went into the ‘sister site’ at the Australian Opinion Forum.

Since I spend so much time in there, what else is there to say?? Beats me.

And yet the domain is still here… the software is still here… the archives are still here so I’m obviously keeping it for something.

Dunno… maybe I *should* simply sit down and start sounding off about the world again. There are things I can say in here I can’t say on the forum… and of course there is a lot more space here to ramble than on there.

We’ll see.

Last time I said I was off to find a new theme. Well I recall cleary that I *did* go… and I recall clearly that this was *still* the best theme out there! It’s clean, it’s effective and it works – even tho I upgraded the software by several iteration that had passed me by over the last year. 🙂

So… will I post. As I said I can only answer by saying “we’ll see”. Blogging is such a solitary activity it’s not necessarily the best form of communication. After all, I type into the void… and who reads it? Anyone? Quite possibly not!

We’ll see. 😀

Written by welshdog

March 1, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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