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Strange – tired again!

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Overall I really had a good day yesterday working away until my back started to ache so sat down. There’s still loads to do as always but this morning I feel really exhausted… and this is despite getting back to bed for an hour and a half!!

Obviously I’ve no idea why I feel so grotty… but already I feel like I’ll be pleased to see the bed again tonight!

Basically the blog still isn’t totally back on track as news and opinion’ site, so bear with me! 😀

Written by welshdog

January 12, 2009 at 9:24 am

Strictly Magic – yet another site!

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One of the reasons I’ve not been very active in here for the last couple of days is that apart from Xmas coming and having the kids home, I’ve been getting on with creating a new forum site aimed at supporting ‘carers’, i.e. those largely unsung heroes who spend their lives caring for a member of their family who is unable to care for themselves.

It’s a UK domain, but there’ll be no restriction on who joins or what information is loaded in! 🙂

The site is built around the phpBB forum software and I’m going to be installing a portal system called MX-Publisher which seems ideal for the purpose.

So far development is still in its infancy, but we already have on board one of the developers of the ‘portal software’ which can only speed things up! The potential for ‘expansion’ is limited only by the willingness of people to participate and upload content but I think it’ll be something I at least can really sink my teeth into!

Initially I suppose the focus would be on those caring for those with Alzheimer’s Disease because they are receiving the larger portion of publicity… but of course there are *[b]many[/b]* other forms of dementia to consider, let alone those other disabling conditions that can lead to social isolation for those who look after them.

I’m hoping the forum area will eventually grown into a place where ‘carers’ can come for mutual support, advice, and act as a source of the more ‘informal’ information that the mainstream sites don’t really cater for… like how to deal with intransigent social services or, conversely, over eager friends and neighbours! 🙂

Like I said the place is in it’s early stages but if you fancy a quick peek you’ll find it at Strictly Magic: Caring for carers! 🙂

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December 16, 2008 at 6:48 am

Well done Wales!

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The score says it all Wales 21 Australia 18 and regardless how it got to be that way… in the books the result stands! 🙂

I suppose things might have been a little different if they Wallabies hadn’t lost their captain Stirling Mortlock in the first few minutes, but nonetheless a stirring victory. Well done guys!

Source: Rugby Heaven

Written by welshdog

November 30, 2008 at 8:14 am

Still here… somewhere.

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Was looking today at the new Chrome Browser by Google and I have to admit to being *really* impressed!! The screen ‘real estate’ is being used to far greater advantage now I’ve lost those controls I only ever used once in a blue moon, and those additional search boxes that cluttered the place. This browser searches from the ‘address bar’ which leaves a *huuuuge* space!! 🙂

I’m not saying it’s perfect but I’ve a;ready stopped using Firefox in favour of Chrome and that alone should convince you it’s worth a look even if you decide it isn’t for you!

Whilst trying out the browser I meandered into Google Groups and found this little snippet of information:


What is a Usenet Newsgroup?

Google Groups contains the world’s most comprehensive archive of Usenet postings, dating back to 1981. Using Groups, you won’t need a newsreader and you can search this archive the same way you’d search on the web. You can also use Groups to post your own comments to an existing Usenet newsgroup.

Usenet is an online bulletin board system that began at Duke University in 1979. Usenet users can post messages to newsgroups that can be read (and responded to) by anyone who has access to the system through a newsreader. Over the years, the number of newsgroups has grown into the thousands; they’re hosted all over the world and cover every conceivable topic.

Well I appreciate this means nothing to most of you but for years I almost *lived* on Usenet arguing and fighting my way around the groups with all and sundry. For years the archive for all this dross was Deja News but after a series of financial blunders the system was all bar wrecked. Luckily Google bought the archive and extended it as far back as 1981 and created the web interface we see today… which is nowhere near as accessible as the old Deja was. Nevertheless at least the archive was saved so now you’ll be able to go and search to see just hopw rude I was to people… if you can find out what my nickname and/or email adress was/were! 😀

Still, the point is that I did all the research and searching using the new browser and apart from a couple of little quirks it’s worked with no problems whatsoever!

As for meself… well I’m slowly losing weight, in part because I’m eating less and alo because I’m moving around more. So do I miss the net?? Well yes. But I’ll get over it. 🙂

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September 3, 2008 at 4:22 pm

Missing in action?

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Perhaps not so much “missing in action”, as “missing because of in-action”.

What am I talking about? Well I went to my diet specialist to have a chat and see if we can do something about my total inability to control my eating.  You might remember I lost 40+ kilos just before Xmas, I did make a big fuss of it after all 🙂 Well *since* Xmas I’ve managed to put nearly all of it back on again!

Ok I have a few excuses… huge number of people to feed over Xmas with the associated temptations… then breaking my toe and being inactive for 6 weeks or so… then coming down with the flu twice… not to mention collapsing with back/hip pains several times… but whatever the excuses, the result has been *bloat*.

The specialists recommendation were in three parts.

1. Back to the diet and exercise… obviously
2. See a specialist about a lap band operation… which I’ll be doing tomorrow afternoon.
3. Get off the Internet… well get off my backside and away from the computer which amounts to the same thing.

Well, ‘1‘ and ‘2‘ can be done simply enough… but in order for them to work… I have to implement ‘3‘. While I spend all day sitting by a computer chatting, reading and the like I’m not moving and not moving. If I’m not moving, I’m not burning calories – and especially not if I’m scarfing down whatever I can find in the cupboard while I’m (not) doing it.

The clear answer is to get off my substantial backside and move around more, preferably out of the house and away from the temptation of the kitchen/larder/fridge – during the day especially!!

The general upshot of this is that I’m letting you know in advance that the blog will only be updated intermittently for a while. I’m assuming I’ll be here in the evenings a couple of times a week but I’m not promising. If I do, I’ll post whatever I can find worth commenting on. If not… well… I won’t! 😀

So for now… I’m off.

Written by welshdog

August 27, 2008 at 9:04 pm

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Thatcher's Britain revisited.

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So Carole Thatcher has written a book explaining her mother has slowly been developing dementia and has been forgetting the things she did whilst in power as PM of the UK.

While that’s sad for her, it’s far worse for those us who remember more clearly what she did and the effect it had on some of us.

The ‘some’ included those of us unfortunate enough to be living in the lower reaches of society and forced down further, whilst those in the upper reaches were pampered and effectively bribed to support her and her cronies.

In addition, those traitorous ‘social-democrats’ who, unable to impose their version of ‘socialism’ on the UK used their powerbase to split the opposition parties with the result there was no viable alternative to the Conservatives giving them free rein to wreck the economy and set the scene for the greatest widening of the gap between the have’s and have-not’s since the turn of the century

It wasn’t until the demise of the failed experiment of the social democrats and their absorbtion back into the folds of the two major parties that any hope of repairing the damage could be generated by the return to power of the Labour Party victorious at last.

Yet this ‘New Labour’ wasn’t the party of the people as it had once been. Frightened by their loss of power and desperate to cling to power they shed most of their socialist principles and became a wishy washy pink version of the centre right unable to make decisions to benefit the mass of people and passed repressive legislation to mollify the centre right of politics, terrified they’d become the party who lost control of law and order and get turfed out of power.

We all know what’s happened since then. The UK has become so similar to Orwell’s vision of 1984 that it’s really concerning. What’s worse is that much of this has happened under a Labour controlled government.

So, Margaret Thatcher is slowly forgetting what happened to the country under her rule. I wish I could feel sympathy for her but instead I feel pity for those still living in her legacy, under the shadow of a wrecked the social structure and an economy geared to protecting the rich and punishing the poor.

Written by welshdog

August 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm

A whale of a time.

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The baby humpback whale found stranded and motherless in Sydney Harbour, and named Colin… later Colette, was finally ‘euthanased’ in Sydney Harbour yesterday.

There’ve been all sorts of stories about her and the way she was/wasn’t aided by government agencies etc and there is now talk of a *summit* of experts to try to establish guidelines for procedures in the event this happens again.

Wonderful sentiments.

I wonder how many of these experts weeping over the sad loss of this baby whale went off home to eat steak, veal cutlets, sushi and the like? The hypocrisy involved in our relationship with animals is utterly amazing sometimes and you have to wonder just why people can’t see the irony in our behaviour, We desperately seek to succour and maintain the life of one *wild* animal who is following the natural course of it’s life whilst concurrently imprisoning and killing untold millions of other animals helpless to protect themselves or their offspring from our predation?

I wonder when we’ll see a summit of ‘experts’ gathering to establish guidelines for the abolition of meat in our diets?

Yes there’s a real paradox in the way we eat meat, yet feel desperately sorry for the way this animal was treated, but surely things are getting out of hand when we spend millions of dollars protecting *one* animal whilst spending far more millions killing others!!

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August 23, 2008 at 11:33 am

Christina Applegate strikes a chord.

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You have to hand it to Christina Applegate, she’s really struck a chord with people suffering from breast cancer in that she has been quite open about the treatment she opted for in her battle with the disease.

For someone so high in public visibility to make it clear she’d decided a bi-lateral mastectomy was the best option to ensure her survival to a ripe old age. We hope this will encourage others in the same position to go for the option rather than try to maintain their bodies intact and risk a recurrence of the cancer.

She seems to be quite confident that she has done the best she can to defeat the disease and that it will never reappear. Hopefully she’ll be 100% for a long time to come.

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August 21, 2008 at 1:08 pm

Wow! British cycling comeback!

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The UK Cycling team has excelled this year with them winning most of the gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. Got to be fair… this really is an outstanding result. 🙂

Breaking world records along the way just adds icing to the cake.

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August 18, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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Drowning… with a rictus grin!

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No doubt *all* of us will be glued to our tv’s later on as the most famous discipline of the entire Olympic schedule begins in earnest.

Yes… Synchronised Swimming will be using the pool vacated by the real swimmers. Oops… did I say ‘real’… of course I meant ‘other’ swimmers.

Yet I still ask myself just what the hell this ludicrous so-called sport is doing in the Olympics? Realistically it has no credible credentials as a sport. Activities such as Aerobics and rock climbing have more right to be there than this lot.

Just *why* do the officials allow this bunch of maniacs lurching through the water grinning like baboons on prozac to pollute our screens and embarrass real athletes?!?!

If any of you out there can defend synchronised swimming and justify its inclusion in the Olympic calendar… please do it.

(and don’t get me started on BMX biking as an Olympic sport… !!!)

Written by welshdog

August 18, 2008 at 8:08 am