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Moving right along…

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Well ‘moving right along’ is what we wish we *could* do but the New South Wales government has turned its back on hundreds of thousands of people encouraged to move to North Western Sydney on the promises or increased and improved infrastructure… including a rail link to carry people from the areas they live, into the City to work or shop. We’re going to be stuck here for the long haul with inferior access to the City for both personal and business use.

There is only one real corridor to carry literally hundreds of thousands of people from places like Rouse Hill, Windsor Richmond and further afield… and that is Windsor Road, which leads on to the only motorway accessible to us the M2. Was it not serious these roads would be considered a joke.

Despite being now widened (after *intense* community pressure) to four lanes Windsor Road is usually blocked solid from Rouse Hill to the M2 from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. The so called motorway is blocked its entire length for much the same period. How much this costs in lost salaries, lost business and stress in incalculable, yet the government blithely abandoned what was left of the promised rail link (The North-West-Metro) because it is claiming it is all bar bankrupt.

We’ve been assured that new buses will be provided and more trains. But what use are more buses when the roads are already so congested traffic is at a standstill? Where are these trains to be provided, no doubt at stations already unable to provide reasonable *direct* access to the City!! The whole scenario is a nightmare already and is clearly going to be allowed to get far, far worse before anything will be done… if then!

And whilst buses and trains might seem to be an option for commuters, what about business users??

Now we have to ask what happened to the billions of dollars earmarked fro the scheme when it was first proposed ten years ago? Which governmental black hole did all that money get sucked into? Those of us who moved out here paid ridiculously high land taxes solely because we knew the money was going to provide us with this infrastructure… where is it??

The cynic in me feels the reason we are being abandoned is because this area has been a solid Liberal stronghold for the past 50 years, yet of the hundreds of thousands of us who moved here there are may who formerly supported Labor and had been making inroads to the Liberal majorities at every election… State and Federal. Now with that one decision all has been lost. And with it has gone any chance of the State Labor Party retaining power in New South Wales.

Finally they have shown themselves to be a party with no principles and it won’t simply be noticed by us in the North West. All over Sydney and the rest of New South Wales, people will see the reneging of promises to us as a taste of what will happen to *their* cherished promises!

To read more on the story there is an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell… someone I do *not* want to see in power by the way!

Written by welshdog

October 31, 2008 at 11:32 am

Drip, drip, drip, drip…

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That ‘dripping’ is the sound of the steady erosion of privacy and individual freedom as the UK descends still further into the realms of Big Brother and the advent of the Police State.

Bizarrely, to me at least, it’s a Labour government that is currently creating a Data Communications Bill to be presented as part of the Queen’s Speech come November.

In practice the government will oversee a massive database that will examine and store *all* SMS and email messages sent in, from, through the UK each year. The stats reported are that around 3 billion emails are sent each day and around 60 billion text messages set per year.

Yet again, as with the ID cards scheme, the emphasis is on the prevention of terrorism and maintenance of public order. On the surface this is all well and good, and a perfect justification for such a massive incursion into a citizens private life, well it might be when a benevolent government is on power, but what happens if the databases are put to the wrong use? Who will protect civil liberties if all the rights to those liberties, so hard fought for and won, have been silently destroyed in the name of expediency?

The old adage “An Englishman’s home is his castle” is becoming a hollow joke.

It’s bad enough that there is already a requirement for companies to hold on to the records themselves for twelve months. To have to pass them on to the ‘government’ is going too far by a long way.

The UK is drifting slowly into a Big Brother scenario day by day and personal freedoms are being eroded one drip at a time….

… drip, drip, drip.

Crimes against humanity?

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The refusal of the Burmese military Junta to allow aid to be given to the huge numbers of their population still suffering from the effects of the recent cyclone have been called ‘crimes against humanity’ by the French.

The Burmese have neither the infrastructure nor political will sufficient to relieve their suffering and the world stands by seemingly helpless in the face of government intransigence despite a massive aid operation waiting at the doors ready to swing into action.

Effects of cyclone in Burmese May 2008
How long will it be and what else must happen to these poor people before the United Nations takes a stand on their behalf and goes in to provide life saving aid with or without the permission of their Government? Another cyclone is circling the country, should they wait until *that* hits as well?

There are suggestions that the current death toll has risen to 80,000 with numbers rising exponentially as disease and exposure add to the ongoing misery. A new bout of severe weather could kill millions.

Perhaps there are fears of another bout of mis-information akin to the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ fiasco of Iraq, but surely this is of a different order entirely. We *know* the cyclone hit and we have pictures of the devastation. The world should act *now* before the situation deteriorates still further.

Written by welshdog

May 18, 2008 at 6:49 am

Kenny, Kenny Kenny…

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Following my ringing endorsement of Ken Livingstone as potentially being re-elected Lord Mayor of London to let me use a corny old headline, Londoners have been out and voted…

… and emphatically shouldered him aside in favour of Barmy Boris!! 🙂

The rest of the country took London’s lead as well and hammered the Labour Party under Gordon Brown in retaliation for his inept handling of the country after forcing Tony Blair to step aside in his favour. It might just be a backlash… but Brown looks to be the last of the Labour leaders to sit as Prime Minister unless he can pull some sort of economic rabbit out of the hat before the next General Election!

In the meantime Red Ken is going have to cut back on the Chardonnay and Claret and perhaps find a proper job??

Written by welshdog

May 3, 2008 at 3:47 pm

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Big Brother on the way.

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Lucky Sydney! We’ve just been given our own party gear… or something. For a little while now loudspeakers have been appearing on the streets which of course are there to play stirring music… or maybe to relay pop concerts to the masses yes? Nope.

What we now have adorning the streets of Sydney is a permanently ready public address system which, one assumes, will spring to life if a sudden emergency arises. Examples of the emergencies include the aftermath of a terrorist attack, assuming both the loudspeakers and at least some people survive. Other uses could be to warn people to leave the streets in the face of the imminent arrival of George Bush and his entourage on one of the lightning official visits.

Loudspeakers in Sydney

I can’t say they look exactly attractive… I wonder why a little more thought couldn’t have been put into the idea and a more elegant solution found? Still, I suppose it’s a sign of the times. Big Brother is here… the screens will be next 😦

Written by welshdog

August 1, 2007 at 1:11 pm

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The genius of George.

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So… Donald Rumsfeld was briefing George Bush in the Oval Office… “Oh and finally, sir, three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq today.”

Bush goes pale, his jaw hanging open in stunned disbelief. He buries his face in his hands, muttering “My God…My God”.

“Mr. President,” says Cheney, “we lose soldiers all the time, and it’s terrible. But I’ve never seen you so upset. What’s the matter?”

Bush looks up and says…”How many is a Brazilian’?”

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July 31, 2007 at 9:32 pm

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What's going on in Victoria??

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The Premier and Vice Premier both quit in one afternoon? Sounds ominous. Both are leaving to spend more time with their families… heard *that* one before!

Is it co-incidence there is a hoo-ha about them refusing to join in the water management scheme for the Murray-Darling?? Who knows… either way they’re gone

Not exactly a common occurrence that.

Written by welshdog

July 27, 2007 at 9:31 pm

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