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Railroaded again?

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No sooner had the new State Premier of NSW emerge from the debacle of his predecessors ignominious departure, but he immediately put his foot back in it with his attitude towards the pet project of the voters of North West Sydney where, coincidentally, I happen to live.

Some background might help here, not about the chaos that was the Labor Party recently, but about the area in which we live.

This area was designated for development over twenty years ago. Acreage was subdivided, people built homes and moved in. We did this on the promise that although services were few and far between, they *were* ‘in the pipeline’ and *would* be built. Well ten years after we moved in we’re still waiting for one critical and crucial piece of this infrastructure… a rail link to Sydney.

The roads, despite being upgraded, are an utter joke, or would be was it not that the 3 hours it takes to go those few kilometres into town tends to leach away anything humorous about it. The M2 Motorway is blocked solid from 6:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. making it a nightmare for those unfortunate to have no other way of accessing the city available to them. And *why* is there no other access available? Because the promised ‘Metro Rail System’ seems certain to fall under the economic axe of the new Premier Nathan Rees.

By the way, we were originally promised a ‘heavy’ rail link with real trains… this was reduced to a tram-like system, but for commuters this is still preferable to a 3 hour wait in a queue!

That the project is almost certain to be killed was made clear by the sudden departure from government a week or so ago of the Deputy Premier who, strangely, was also Transport Minister. His demise was followed by the then Treasurer, Michael Costa being sacked and telling anyone who would listen that the project was a white elephant. Following close on his heels was the Premier himself who, in a classic dummy spit told the caucus that either they did it his way… or he hit the highway. And off he went into the political past resigning his seat as he went.

Well this is wonderful for them and it made headlines for days, yet it leaves the poor struggling commuters and businesses in the North Western corner of Sydney out on a limb. We’ve all invested heavily to live her in terms not only of finance, i.e. house purchase, but our kids go to school etc. There is a community here that is *desperately* in need of that rail link.

Sadly however, it is also a staunch Liberal stronghold and so there is little to be gained by Labor in pacifying the traditional voter of the area by allowing the project to continue. Sadly it looks as if political expediency will win out and we will, yet again, be left by the wayside.

The Labor government should be ashamed… but I doubt it is.

Written by welshdog

September 12, 2008 at 3:15 pm

The homecoming… !!!

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In many ways the image belows identifies some of what I love about Australia. The picture shows the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, sharing the spotlight with the Leader of The Opposition welcoming home our champions from the Olympic Games.

No partisan politics, no trying to score points off each other… just there on our behalf to let our people know we recognise them for their efforts. Bloody magic I call it… tho some of me has the idea our Kev really just wanted a chance to kiss Stephanie Rice!! Cheesy

Some things are above politics… most of the athletes for starters!

Good onya guys you came out punching way above your weight. There’s nothing more anyone could have or would have expected from you than your best, and that what we got. Here’s looking forward to the 2012 London Olympics! 😀

Written by welshdog

August 26, 2008 at 10:25 am

Thatcher's Britain revisited.

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So Carole Thatcher has written a book explaining her mother has slowly been developing dementia and has been forgetting the things she did whilst in power as PM of the UK.

While that’s sad for her, it’s far worse for those us who remember more clearly what she did and the effect it had on some of us.

The ‘some’ included those of us unfortunate enough to be living in the lower reaches of society and forced down further, whilst those in the upper reaches were pampered and effectively bribed to support her and her cronies.

In addition, those traitorous ‘social-democrats’ who, unable to impose their version of ‘socialism’ on the UK used their powerbase to split the opposition parties with the result there was no viable alternative to the Conservatives giving them free rein to wreck the economy and set the scene for the greatest widening of the gap between the have’s and have-not’s since the turn of the century

It wasn’t until the demise of the failed experiment of the social democrats and their absorbtion back into the folds of the two major parties that any hope of repairing the damage could be generated by the return to power of the Labour Party victorious at last.

Yet this ‘New Labour’ wasn’t the party of the people as it had once been. Frightened by their loss of power and desperate to cling to power they shed most of their socialist principles and became a wishy washy pink version of the centre right unable to make decisions to benefit the mass of people and passed repressive legislation to mollify the centre right of politics, terrified they’d become the party who lost control of law and order and get turfed out of power.

We all know what’s happened since then. The UK has become so similar to Orwell’s vision of 1984 that it’s really concerning. What’s worse is that much of this has happened under a Labour controlled government.

So, Margaret Thatcher is slowly forgetting what happened to the country under her rule. I wish I could feel sympathy for her but instead I feel pity for those still living in her legacy, under the shadow of a wrecked the social structure and an economy geared to protecting the rich and punishing the poor.

Written by welshdog

August 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm

Spin Doctors – who wants 'em?

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Drove my kids to school today because of the rain, and on the way back listened to the news on the radio. I burst out laughing half way through when the announcer read out one piece related to the Rudd government’s ‘approval rating’.

The gist of the announcement was that the voters were ‘turning their backs’ on the incumbent Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) with his approval rate dropping a massive 4 percentage points… to 66%! The Liberal party ‘surge’ took their current leader to a new high of 17%!!

The sheer cheek of this announcement was what got me laughing. Despite a week of complaints in the press about petrol prices and whining from civil service about having to do some work, this Prime Minister *still* has two thirds of the voters behind him… yet the report is that voters are ‘turning their backs’ on him. This was such a blatant spin that I think whoever wrote it should be cringing in a corner purple faced with embarrassment!

Still, it gave a *me* laugh anyway.

Written by welshdog

June 3, 2008 at 8:29 am

Bias at the Beeb?

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Interesting story on the BBC News site about Cherie Blair who is writing her memoirs. She is refusing to resign as a judge even though there have been comments the memoirs are inappropriate for someone in her position.

That argument is something I’m not really interested in actually, what I found remarkable was the way the photos accompanying the story changed. The first is, in my opinion, somewhat less than flattering.

Cherie Blair with mouth openOk she is the spitting image of her father… but even so it isn’t really the sort of image a judge would usually want to present as a ‘public face’… real or otherwise. It’s possible someone else had the same idea because when I reloaded the page this morning…

Cherie Blair - reflective … up came this one of a *far* more serious and professional person. An image of considered focused intelligence rather than the other which conjures up images of a ranting insane bag lady!

I wonder if someone somewhere had a quiet word with the Beeb and politely asked them to change the photo?

Written by welshdog

May 16, 2008 at 6:58 am

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