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Vale Wendy Richards

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We learned this morning of the death of Wendy Richards who finally succumbed to breast cancer after a long struggle, she was 65.

Wendy was a favourite on the small screen for in Britain for many, many years both as a ‘blonde bombshell’  Miss Brahms in the classic series “Are You Being Served”, and as the matriarch of the Fowler family in “Eastenders”.

I first heard of her ‘singing’ with Mike Sarne back in the 1960’s on his hit song “Come Outside” but that was a one-off for her and she continued with her acting career to the relief of all.

She was a lovely lady.

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February 27, 2009 at 5:44 am

Christina Applegate strikes a chord.

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You have to hand it to Christina Applegate, she’s really struck a chord with people suffering from breast cancer in that she has been quite open about the treatment she opted for in her battle with the disease.

For someone so high in public visibility to make it clear she’d decided a bi-lateral mastectomy was the best option to ensure her survival to a ripe old age. We hope this will encourage others in the same position to go for the option rather than try to maintain their bodies intact and risk a recurrence of the cancer.

She seems to be quite confident that she has done the best she can to defeat the disease and that it will never reappear. Hopefully she’ll be 100% for a long time to come.

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August 21, 2008 at 1:08 pm

Go Christina!!

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Our best wishes are sent for a speedy recovery to Christina Applegate, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kelly Bundy - Christina Applegate

Kelly Bundy - Christina Applegate

My memories of her are mostly from her role as the ditzy kid ‘Kelly Bundy’ from Married with Children and this is perhaps her best known role, at least for most males around the globe.

Kelly was the archetypal airhead bimbo and Christina played her gloriously. The series which wasn’t particularly well known in the UK was actually one of the funniest ‘toilet humour’ series ever and Christina was perfectly cast as Kelly. We watched her grow in the part, physically if not mentally, from a cheeky 15 year old into a 25 year old somewhat promiscuous blonde bimbo who’s lines and vacuous expression could easily lead you to believe she was character acting, whereas in fact the opposite was true.

Since the series ended some years back she has appeared in several successful series including the lead in ‘Jesse’, and (currently ) as an amnesiac in ‘Samantha Who,’ and is doing ok thank you, even allowing for the recent death of an ex-boyfriend in unusual circumstances.

Christina (now aged 36) has been a long time campaigner for research into breast cancer partly because her mother developed both breast and cervical cancer though is currently in remission on all fronts.

She’s a fighter and I wish her well. Hopefully Christina will make a full and complete recovery.

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August 4, 2008 at 10:19 am

Vale Jane McGrath

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After an eleven year fight against cancers, Jane McGrath has finally died aged 42. She died surrounded by her husband cricketer Glen McGrath and her two young children. Jane first developed breast cancer back in 1997 two years after meeting Glenn, but after chemotherapy beat it off. She had two children and then in 2004 developed cancer on the hip. That she also beat off, but last year she developed on inoperable cancer of the brain. Earlier this year she had some undisclosed surgery but finally succumbed to ‘complications’.

Jane and Glen McGrath

That she was a clever and beautiful woman would have been enough of a legacy but she and Glenn founded the McGrath Foundation which has so far raised over $12,000,000 towards breast cancer research.

Anyone wishing to donate to the fund and help prevent other families being torn apart this way can visit the donations page.

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June 23, 2008 at 8:55 am